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PNT Company is one of the strongest and most prestigious companies in the field of building materials and business services.


In 1997, the company started its activities with importing yarn and continued its powerful management by exporting cement and building materials. The company was named one of the best cement exporters in 2004 and 2005. PNT has been able to get the dealership of most cement factories and other related industries. Due to the growing demand for foreign markets and the relative advantage of our beloved Iran in the field of petrochemicals and refining products, this company has been exporting these products to the target countries. The PNT with over 20 years of experience in exporting and importing, is ready to cooperate with you dear buyers by offering best prices and quality of products.

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Why Are We The best In The Market?

From different raw materials like Ironstone, Gypsum, and Limestone to different Bitumen like oxidized bitumen, emulsion bitumen, cutback bitumen, and emulsion bitumen to different types of cement and clinkers like the grey and white clinkers, our industry has expanded to an exponential level.

We as an organization have been doing incredibly well, thanks to the booming business in the region and the demand for several raw materials and bitumen based products. This is mainly the reason why the chemicals industry is so big; generating business all over the world and contributing to the world economy.

The most basic form is that we note the chemicals, and raw material industry as changing the raw materials into different products like natural gas, crude oil, metals, water, air, and literally thousands and thousands of finished and unfinished products.

In the Asian region, we are a renowned name for being one of the biggest Cement suppliers, gypsum manufacturers, and most importantly, clinker suppliers with clients belonging to different parts of the world. This goes without saying that the chemicals industry is also highly composite, loaded with intricate equipment and most of the times very challenging. The logistics in this regard are dangerous too.

At Pntcommerce, we recommend our prestigious customers an inclusive range of facilities and services in the industrial chemicals, raw materials, and cement industry. As the world’s renowned cement suppliers, clinker suppliers, and gypsum manufacturers known for quality products and consumer satisfaction, we the skills, experience, knowledge, and global reach to help you in meeting the international as well as national standards.

Our employees are highly motivated, energetic, and confident in their designated work – eager to facilitate the clients, or help them in any given manner. For the customers, they are well aware of the fact that our prices are market-friendly without compromising on quality and quantity.

Despite being the largest supplier of cement to the world, our main mission is to export domestic products without ignoring the internal capability and efficiently using the optimum capacity.

We love portraying our Iranian culture into our products and have been active in the industry for as long as we could possibly remember. Starting our business from Iran and then later expanding the network in different parts of the world, today we have gathered many customers from different countries and have been recognized as one of the leading suppliers for chemicals, cements, bitumen based products in Iran, and in the surrounding parts, as well as in different parts of the world.

Our primary objective has been to cater and provide the market with a vast range of chemical and raw material products as well as supplying quality products to the customers with the support and assistance from the locals. Our primary target is ensuring that our customers are satisfied and that the products supplied to them are of top quality.

Despite all of this, delivering the goods on time and ensuring customer satisfaction has been our goal since day one in the field.

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