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PNT is an active commercial company in the field of export of Cement, Clinker, Bitumen and Raw Materials..

About Our Company

PNT Commerce Co. is an Iranian commercial company which is established in 1997. From 1997 to 1999 the company started its activity in the field of import yarn, polyester, cotton and stretch SOZ yarn. Then in 1999 succeeded in obtaining sales representative of Aliaf Co. and Parsylon Co. products and this cooperation has continued in 2002. The company in 2003 to 2006 after the succeeding and gaining experience and economic empowerment, considered development plans and with the increase in needs of foreign markets, continued its activity by exporting cement, bitumen, flour and also was official agent of Doroud Cement Co., Boushehr Cement Co. and Bojnourd Cement Co. to Iraq. The company is proud to being the top exporters of cement with comprehensive efforts in 2004 and 2005. During these endeavors, PNT took sales representative of Behnoosh products, which produce varied drinks, to Iraq and other countries in the region. In the years 2006 to 2008 the company followed its activities in selling of cement and other constructional products within the country. The company developed and expanded its activities in the years 2008 to 2014 on imports of clothing from China, Turkey, Thailand and the UAE. Research and development under supervision of strong management led to exporting of petrochemical product and building materials in 2014.

Collaboration with prestigious Asian companies in the commercial sphere, using updated methods and standards for distribution and delivery of products with the aim of best quality and price are what distinguish the company’s activities from other exporters. This company has tried its best to create a safe and valid context that have the best and highest quality commercial cooperation in the following items:
- Raw material supply contract with all related industries
- Quick response and reliably to customers
- Guarantees the quality and originality of products

    The keys for success of the company are:

  • Excellent knowledge of all the products and supplying best quality products
  • Excellent understanding of the customers’ requirements
  • Flexible solutions of the customers’ needs
  • Hard-work of all the members of the family
  • Competitive prices and high quality
  • Honesty and loyalty in each step.


  • Professionalism – we believe that it is the foundation of any business in International Business.
  • Reliance – without reliance we could not develop a successful business.
  • Loyalty – it is the basis for establishment of all human relationships and trusting.
  • Responsibility – we take responsibility for everything we do to let our customers have the best purchasing experience.


  • Excellent knowledge of all the products and supplying best quality products.
  • Excellent understanding of the customers’ requirements.
  • Flexible solutions of the customers’ needs.
  • Hard-work of all the members of the family.
  • Competitive prices and high quality.
  • Honesty and loyalty in each step.


  • To offer complete satisfaction to our clients.
  • Never compromising with the quality of the products.
  • Provide on-time delivery of products.
  • Keep the price competitive so that clients can afford them easily.
  • Fulfilling our duties towards our community as well as our employees.


    We are intended to be able to take a negligible but effective step towards the export of domestic products. By relying on internal capacity and using the maximum capacity. Our goal is to introduce Iranian high quality products to the global market. PNT Company, with more than 20 years of business experience, is fully equipped to answer dear customers’ requests, with the fastest time, the highest quality, and the most affordable price.
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